Medilas Anti-aging & Aesthetics Clinic “Let’s Get Beauty” Workshop

Our pharmacist Mr Lim Eng Teck joining Dr Le Hoang Lan of Medilas Clinic to talk about transforming one’s beauty “inside out” through a holistic nutritional approach.

 Vitafoods Asia 2017

Euglena Japan HQ showcased the science of Euglena to the nutraceutical and functional food industries.

Japan Beautiful Life 2017

At Singapore’s first Japanese Lifestyle Expo, Euglena Japan HQ shared the technological marvel behind how Euglena was made available to the world.

Public Education - Beating Cancers with Nutrition

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with participants on “Beating Cancers with Nutrition”.

The New Science Of Growing Old Without Aging

Our pharmacist Lim Eng Teck sharing about the difference between growing old versus aging to Evergreen Network of Thomson Road Baptist Church

Barclays Bank “Be Well” Health Event

HealthPro exhibited and shared with staff of Barclays Bank on optimizing health through nutritional therapy.

Eating Well; Ageing Well Talk 2016

Our Pharmacist Lim Eng Teck sharing about how to eat to stay healthy from the biblical perspective to seniors of Christ Methodist Church

Life生命源 Clinical Nutritional Therapy Seminar 2016

Our Holistic Nutritionist Ms Yondi Lee and our Pharmacist Lim Eng Teck joining Life生命源 Nutritionist Ms Yin Hong to share about Clinical Nutritional Therapy and 5 recent case studies in China to health enthusiasts.

Cutis Holistic Body Transformation Seminar 2015

Our pharmacist Mr Lim Eng Teck joining Dr Sylvia of Cutis Medical Laser Clinic and Stacey Schwarz to talk about transforming one’s health and physique using safe and effective tools and advanced, clinically-proven alternatives.

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