Osteoporosis, defined as a reduction of bone mass or bone density, was long viewed as a disease unique to aging women. Sadly, much of what conventional wisdom held true about osteoporosis turns out to be flawed. It is now clear that osteoporosis is not a disease with a singular cause affecting a specific population. 

Reflux (GERD)

Reflux, or Gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), is a chronic condition in which contents of the stomach flow back (`reflux`) into the esophagus potentially causing symptoms (e.g., heartburn) and injury to esophageal tissue. GERD is one of the most common health conditions of the gastrointestinal tract.

Gout & High Uric Acid

Gout is a form of arthritis in which excess uric acid forms crystals in joints and other tissues causing painful inflammation.  Gout attacks cause a characteristic painful inflammation of one or more joints of the extremities.  An acute attack of gout, although brief and usually subsiding spontaneously, can be debilitating.

Immune System & Zika

Before we launch into panic mode and go out to wipe off pharmacy shelves of mosquito repellents to fight Zika, we should perhaps take a step back and calmly scrutinize possible factors that may be putting us at higher risk of getting Zika.


More than 500 million people worldwide suffer from food allergies. More than 300 million, or about 5% of the global population, now suffer from asthma (Chang 2011). Allergic rhinitis, a risk factor for asthma, affects up to 30% of adults and 40% of children (Wallace 2008).

Brain Function Decline

Aging humans tend to develop some degree of decline in brain (cognitive) function, and research shows this deterioration can occur as early as mid-20s.  Symptoms can include:

  • forgetfulness
  • decreased ability to maintain focus
  • decreased problem solving capacity


Unique Magnesium Compound Reverses Brain Aging

Scientists have been surprised by the discovery that magnesium plays an essential role in supporting brain plasticity, which is the sign of a youthful, flexible brain primed for optimal learning, memory, and cognitive function

Not All Supplements are Created Equal

Have you ever walked into a shop and felt lost when you look at the many different brands on the shelves, all offering the vitamin C that you were looking for?

Do brands matter? Are some forms of vitamins and minerals better absorbed than others?

5 Top Nutritional Supplement Myths Debunked

You’d be surprised at the number of "supplement myths" we hear about and respond to every day. It’s actually gotten so bad that we've decided to write a blog post on it. So, here we are.


Pernaton Gel was ranked the bestselling joint care product in Switzerland by IMS Pharma Trend Survey March 2015.

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PhosChol® is the first and only, all natural, soy-derived 100 percent pure source of polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC).

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Omega-7 An Overlooked Fatty Acid

“Fatty acids” are essential to human life because they are the cell’s primary energy source. Fatty acids also serve as cellular structural components.

Ingesting the proper fatty acids confers significant health and longevity benefits.

More Organic & Wholesome Foods?

The controversy on benefits of organic foods still persists, despite evidence showing that they are much lower in pesticide and chemical contamination, contain higher omega 3, and have less dangerous bacteria than conventional foods.  Various factors could be driving this controversy, and behind the powers of politics and industrial domination, money is a key factor.

Which Foods are the Most Nutrient Dense?

Nutrient dense foods can pack a seriously powerful health punch. And we’re not just talking about vitamins and minerals. These “super foods” are also loaded with antioxidants and other phytochemicals that are essential for optimal health and longevity. 

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