Protect Your Heart

Take Your Heart Seriously…

It’s no secret that heart disease is the No.1 killer in the world. If you are smart and committed to change, you can take control of your health and begin your journey to longevity.

The Great, Healthy Pumpkin

Autumn is the season in which bright orange pumpkins begin to appear, most of which are creatively carved to serve as Halloween jack-o’-lanterns and discarded on November 1.

However, it’s a mistake to consider this beneficial plant food as nothing more than a holiday decoration, or source of a sugar-laden pie. Pumpkins can provide a variety of benefits, as you’ll soon see.

The pumpkin, a member of the gourd family cucurbitaceous, is native to North America, hence its real or imagined role in the first Thanksgiving day feast.

The Youth Restoring Benefits of NAD+

Since the year 2001, Life Extension® has been seeking a way to reverse a mechanism of aging that may not be adequately addressed by the healthy lifestyle choices most members currently follow.

Normal aging is accompanied by a noticeable increase in fatigue and loss of motivation. The tiredness we outwardly feel reflects inward impairment of cellular functions critical to sustaining life.

Back to Basics

It’s true that we should be getting essential nutrients from food.

Everyone should strive to have a diet with nutrient dense foods along the following lines:

  1. Fruits & Vegetables – 50%
  2. Proteins & Fats (eggs, fish, meats, etc) – 35%
  3. Processed carbohydrates (rice, bread, noodles, etc) – 15%

Lower Blood Pressure with Food

High blood pressure is one of the most common health conditions affecting Americans.

If you’re middle-aged, your chance of developing the disease is a whopping 90%.1 The question doesn’t become if for most people; it’s really about how to treat the condition. And in a medical system where prescriptions take precedence over lifestyle changes, nutritional advice is often lacking. 

Below, we’ll cover several foods worth including in your diet that may help. And take notes, as some of these may come as a bit of a surprise!

Sodago Stem Cell Technology Seminar

Life Extension sponsored the Stem Cell Technology Seminar to allow Dr Jean-Paul Ly, Professor Phan Toan Thang and Dr Ivor Lim to share how a ground breaking patented stem cell therapy using umbilical cord lining stem cells has enabled tissue repair and regeneration to become affordable and practical.

Bio-Enhanced TURMERIC Compounds Block Multiple Inflammatory

Millions of Americans suffer from chronic pain caused by inflammation, while millions more suffer diseases caused bychronic inflammation such as cancer and atherosclerosis.1,2

Prescription options—non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) and glucocorticoids—target only part of the overall chronic inflammatory response. Worse, they have substantial side effects and are not meant for long-term use.3,4


For a Healthier Digestive System

Do You Know……

  1. Aging causes a 20% - 30% decrease in the body’s ability to produce enzymes.
  2. You can be eating well and yet suffer from malnutrition due to a lack of digestive enzymes.
  3. Cooking and pasteurization destroy digestive enzymes. Raw food like fruits and vegetables contain a higher amount of naturally occurring digestive enzymes.
  4. Chronic enzyme deficiency can lead to a variety of health problems including reduced immune function, increased toxin build up in the body and chronic fatigue.

How to Get Kids Eating Healthier

If your kids are picky eaters, it can be hard to get them to eat their veggies. And let’s face it – endless amounts of nagging can only do so much.

The ideal, of course, would be a kid who wants to eat healthy. What parent wouldn’t like that?

Fortunately, there are simple techniques that can help “train” your kids to become healthier eaters. Parents, these may really come in handy.

Life Extension: Awarded IFOS 5-Star rating for purity, quality, and concentration since 2005

The International Fish Oil Standards (IFOS) is an international program concerned with the quality of omega 3 products, as it relates to the international standards for purity and concentration established by the World Health Organization and the Council for Responsible Nutrition.

Medilas Clinic Workshop 2014

Dr Le Hoang Lan and our pharmacist Mr Lim Eng Teck spoke about role of detoxification in anti-aging.

Health Talk to Rotary Club of Tanglin 2014

Our pharmacist Lim Eng Teck sharing on the science of growing older without aging.

SAAaRMM 2013

Dr Kuljit Singh spoke about how nutritional therapy can help to optimize results of aesthetic procedures.

Life Extension: Rated Number One By Dietary Supplement Customers for second consecutive year

Fort Lauderdale, Fla. (February 1, 2013) – Life Extension, offering superior-quality dietary supplements to consumers and a pioneer in funding and reporting the latest anti-aging research and integrative health therapies, has been rated number one in three categories in the 2013 ConsumerLab.com Survey of Vitamin and Supplement Users.

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