Cooking Demonstration – Euglena Healthy Recipe Demo Workshop

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with participants on the vast health benefits of Euglena P-3, the nutritionally complete product. In the session, Caleb demonstrated some tasty and healthy recipes and supercharging them with Euglena P-3. The recipes are designed by Caleb to mask the taste of Euglena. Besides showing the friendly and interesting way to supplement our daily diet, the session has also inspired the participants to share the goodness of Euglena P-3 with their loved ones those who do not like or are unable to swallow capsules.

The Various Health-Promoting Benefits of Polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC)
Polyenylphosphatidylcholine (PPC), also referred to as phosphatidylcholine, is a fat-soluble nutrient with many health-promoting benefits. These include protecting the liver, sustaining cardiovascular health, and supporting nervous system and gastrointestinal function. Dietary sources of PPC include soybeans, liver, oatmeal, cabbage, cauliflower, egg yolks, meat, and vegetables. PPC is an essential component in each of the body’s cell membranes, the dynamic surfaces on which cells carry out many of their biochemical activities. PPC is a phospholipid rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids..

Why People Supplement with B Vitamins?
B vitamins have numerous vital functions throughout the body. They aid in the assembly of your genetic blueprint, keep your nervous system healthy, turn food into energy, and more.1-13 Maintaining healthy B vitamin levels helps protect against problems ranging from cardiovascular disease and neurodegenerative disorders to UV-induced skin damage and vision loss. A deficiency in B vitamins is common for multiple reasons:14 They are not stored by the body. B vitamins are water-soluble and are quickly washed out of the body. They are impacted by low d..

Cooking Demonstration –Smoothie Demo Workshop

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with participants on the concepts and methods in making healthy and delectable smoothies. In the session, Caleb demonstrated some smoothie recipes and incorporated various superfoods like Euglena P-3, turmeric extracts, green tea extracts, cruciferous vegetable extracts, and whey protein isolate, into the smoothies. With this, the smoothies can be a friendly and interesting way to supplement our daily diet.

Ginger and Turmeric Roots - A Formidable Anti-inflammatory Pair
Many disorders of advancing age are linked to a common problem: chronic inflammation. Inflammation damages tissues and contributes to a variety of ailments, including atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, arthritis, and cancer.1-4 If we can impede chronic inflammation, we may delay the onset of many age-related diseases. Scientists have discovered that two closely related plant roots, ginger and turmeric, have anti-inflammatory properties.5-9 Working together, the active components in these plants, such as gingero..

Let Food be Thy Cancer Avengers

According to the Singapore Cancer Registry Annual Registry Report 2015, around 35 new cancer cases are diagnosed every day. Through 2015 to 2017, the percentage of total death in Singapore contributed by cancers is ranked number 1 among other causes like stroke, heart diseases and diabetes, with 29.1% out of 20,905 death cases in the year of 2017. The alarming data necessitates the summon of avengers that can salvage us from cancer occurrence. Among the modifiable risk factors of cancers, dietary pattern is an important determinant in influencing cancer occurrence.

Maximize Green Tea's Health Benefits

Validation of the whole-body benefits of green tea continues to grow.1-6

A human study published in The Journal of the American Medical Association found that consuming 5 or more cups of green tea daily was associated with a 26% lower risk of cardiovascular death.1

A meta-analysis found that for every 500 ml-per-day increase in green tea consumption (about 3 cups), the risk of cognitive disorders decreased 29%.2

Public Education – Eat Right Post Surgery, Speedy Recovery

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with lifestyle and health bloggers and magazine writers on how optimal nutrition and proper supplementation help to overcome the challenges after surgery. In his presentation, he highlighted the all-in-one microalgae Euglena as an ideal ingredient, which can be taken as health supplement, to support the different aspects of wound recovery.

Public Education – Eat to Defy Aging

Caleb our Dietician, discussing with the staff of TP ICAP on “Eat to Defy Aging” during TP ICAP’s Wellness Day. In the session, Caleb discussed about different aspects of aging process and how diet, proper supplementation and lifestyle help to delay aging.

Let Food Be Thy Cancer Avengers

Caleb our Dietician, discussing with the members of Orchid Country Club about cancer and the different nutrients that fight against cancers.

Anti-Aging Mechanisms of NAD+

Scientists are discovering new ways that NAD+ facilitates healthy longevity.1-3

NAD+ levels markedly decline with age, creating an energy deficit that decreases the body’s ability to retain youthful function.4

To give you an idea how impactful NAD+ can be, by age 50 a typical person may have only half the NAD+ they did in youth. By age 80, NAD+ levels drop to only 1% to 10% expressed in youth.

Deficiency of NAD+ predisposes us to accelerated aging and impedes our ability to fully benefit from resveratrol.

Fortunately, it is easy to restore your cellular NAD+ to higher ranges.

Media Appearance – Radio Interview at Capital 95.8 FM 城市频道

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with DJ Ee Sim 逸芯and the listeners of Capital 95.8 FM 城市频道 regarding the importance of nutrition after operation. In the interview, Caleb also discussed about the truths and myths of food taboos.

Public Education - Defying Aging

Caleb our Dietician, discussing with participants on “Defying Aging”. In the session, Caleb revealed the dietary pattern and lifestyle of centenarians and how can we can adapt them into our daily life and live quality long life

“Together Against Cancer” Public Symposium

Together with Dr. Melvin Look, Dr. Jendana Chanyaputhipong and Dr. Chong Kian Tai, the surgeons of PanAsia Surgical Group, Caleb our Dietician, discussing with the enthusiastic talk participants on cancer-fighting diet and natural ingredients.

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