Public Education – Defying Aging

Caleb our Dietician, discussing with participants on “Defying Aging”. In the session, Caleb revealed the dietary pattern and lifestyle of centenarians and how can we can adapt them into our daily life and live quality long life.

Life Extension Magazine May/Jun 2019
Life Extension Magazine May/Jun 2019 ..

“Together Against Cancer” Public Symposium

Together with Dr. Melvin Look, Dr. Jendana Chanyaputhipong and Dr. Chong Kian Tai, the surgeons of PanAsia Surgical Group, Caleb our Dietician, discussing with the enthusiastic talk participants on cancer-fighting diet and natural ingredients.

What Really Causes A Heart Attack?

Many people are confused about what really causes a heart attack, thinking cholesterol is the primary factor at play.

However, it really takes a number of factors to get there, with cholesterol actually being a very small part of the picture. 

So, in this blog post, we’re going to follow a heart attack from start to finish and explain which nutrients can play a preventive role in each step.

Corporate Health Talk Services
  Looking for experienced healthcare professionals to conduct corporate health talks but have limited budget? We are here to help! Let us know the topics of your interest and arrange FREE corporate health talks with our Dietitian Caleb. Alternatively, you could call us at 6353 5560 or email us. ..

Cedar Girls’ Secondary School Students' Project on Food Resources

Caleb Mok, our dietician, involved as the project advisor in the project of a group of Cedar Girls’ Secondary School students on "Excessive and Unhealthy Food Consumption Among Teenagers in Singapore". After understanding the public nutritional issues and challenges from Caleb, the students have presented an interesting social media app prototype that strives to improve healthy eating among the adolescents.

Public Education – Let Food Be Thy Cancer Avengers

Caleb our Dietician, discussing with the members of Orchid Country Club about cancer and the different nutrients that fight against cancers.

Why Aging People Suffer From So Many Aching Joints

Aging too often results in the breakdown of healthy joint function and structure. Increasing evidence points to destructive inflammatory factors as culprits behind the joint problems humans encounter as they grow older.

While anti-inflammatory drugs have become mainstays in the medicine cabinets of senior citizens, an increasing body of knowledge reveals that natural approaches to maintaining joint health may be more effective, and a lot safer.

Life Extension Magazine Mar/Apr 2019
Life Extension Magazine Mar/Apr 2019 ..

Public Education – Let Food Be Thy Cancer Avengers

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with participants about cancer and the different nutrients that fight against cancers.

The Harsh Truth of Hangovers

Drinking alcohol is a popular social activity around the world. Basically, alcoholic beverages are produced from the fermentation of carbohydrate or sugar. To name a few, beer is fermented from barley; sake from rice; wine from grapes; mead is made by fermenting honey with water. Through the fermentation process, with the help of yeast or bacteria, sugars in food will be converted to ethanol, the alcohol in the alcoholic drinks.

While having a drink can be enjoyable, when you get carried away and drink in excess, it can result in a hangover. A hangover is a group of unpleasant signs and symptoms that can develop after excessive alcohol consumption. How does hangover come about? Here is a closer look.

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Lutein and Zeaxanthin Protect Vision While Boosting Brain Blood Flow

There is a direct connection between the eyes and the brain.

When doctors examine the retina and optic nerve they are looking directly at brain cells.

The retina consists of certain plant pigments that are good indicators of visual health.

Two of those pigments are carotenoids called lutein and zeaxanthin.

Supplementation with these carotenoids helps prevent age-related vision loss.1

Life Extension Magazine Jan/Feb 2019
Life Extension Magazine Jan/Feb 2019 ..

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