The Link Between Vitamin C And Optimal Immunity

In 1937, the Nobel Prize in Physiology was awarded to Albert Szent-Gyorgyi for his research on vitamin C. At the time, vitamin C was a rare commodity and could only be extracted from adrenal glands or massive amounts of orange juice.

Szent-Gyorgyi’s discoveries helped launch an onslaught of vitamin C research, especially into its ability to enhance immune function.

The human body does not produce vitamin C. It must be obtained from outside-the-body sources. Water-soluble vitamin C is quickly excreted.1 That’s why it makes sense to supplement daily with vitamin C to ensure the body has the protection it needs.

Euglena P-3 provides a whopping 60 ingredients in 1 capsule, making it the most complete natural food supplement for young and old alike. It contains Paramylon, which boosts the immune system, and removes toxins, purines and cholesterols from our body. ..

Bello Bambini Montessori Preschool Nutrition Programme

HealthPro team, led by dietician Caleb Mok, organised a fun and interactive nutrition puppet show, followed by healthy meal box preparation, with the preschoolers at Bello Bambini Montessori. Through the puppet show and meal box preparation, the kids gained deeper understanding on the importance and the interesting side of eating rainbow colours of fruits and vegetables.

“Get Fit To The Core” Fitness Fiesta

HealthPro collaborated with Dr Melvin Look to educate participants on gut health and superfoods.

SmartHealth Symposium

Activa was recognized by the Symposium as a role model of its theme of making  “The Innovative & Digital Healthcare Leap” and was invited to share how they used modern pharmaceutical technology to revolutionize the herbal supplements industry.

Life Extension Magazine May/Jun 2018
Life Extension Magazine May/Jun 2018 ..

 Skin Nutrition: 6 Skin Care Ingredients from Food and Vitamins

Nature has provided us with everything we need to nourish our body, and scientists discover which nutrients are best for specific purposes.

We’ve done our research to find out exactly which nutrients have been researched and shown to work for common skin health concerns.


Ceramides Create Youthful Skin from Within

Young people’s skin naturally contains ceramides that produce a moist, plump, wrinkle-free appearance.

Oral ceramides have grown in popularity because people feel the moist suppleness of youthful skin return within a short time after taking one small capsule each day.

Clinical studies have shown that an oral phytoceramide dramatically hydrates, smooths, and rejuvenates aging and wrinkled skin.

Glutathione: How to Boost Your Levels of this Critical Antioxidant?

Have you ever heard of glutathione? If not, I’d suggest you educate yourself on this important antioxidant. This natural antioxidant is protective from damage and regulates many important functions, including cell proliferation and apoptosis (death). It is, in fact, our cells’ most abundant antioxidant. Glutathione also assists in the synthesis of genetic material and proteins and activates gene expression.

Beauty Asia 2018

Euglena Japan HQ exhibited the range of Euglena products from cookies, juices, supplements, to skincare that will be useful in a beauty regime.

Medilas Anti-aging & Aesthetics Clinic “Let’s Get Beauty” Workshop

Our pharmacist Mr Lim Eng Teck joining Dr Le Hoang Lan of Medilas Clinic to talk about transforming one’s beauty “inside out” through a holistic nutritional approach.

 Vitafoods Asia 2017

Euglena Japan HQ showcased the science of Euglena to the nutraceutical and functional food industries.

Japan Beautiful Life 2017

At Singapore’s first Japanese Lifestyle Expo, Euglena Japan HQ shared the technological marvel behind how Euglena was made available to the world.

Public Education - Beating Cancers with Nutrition

Caleb our Dietician, sharing with participants on “Beating Cancers with Nutrition”.

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