Activa Human Structure ProteaTonic, 60 Vegetarian capsules

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Amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of proteins. Proteins plays a crucial role in almost all biological processes and make up of 20% of the human body. Hence, amino acids carry out many important body functions, such as giving cells their structure, transporting and storing nutrients, influencing the function of organs, glands, tendons and arteries. They are also essential for wound healing and tissue repair.

Maintaining a healthy and optimal amino acid pool in the body is important to maintain the functions and structures of the body. However, there are some conditions where the diet is unable to provide sufficient amino acids to the body, which may in turn disrupt body systems and functions. The conditions include increased demand during wound healing phase; increased rate of muscle repair such as those experienced by athletes; poor appetite or dieting; dietary restrictions, avoidance and allergies; indigestion and malabsorption, and blood sugar imbalance. Timely and suitable supplementations are crucial to prevent further complications of such conditions. With the complete profile of amino acids, ProteaTonic may therefore maintain protein balance in these conditions.

ProteaTonic, with protein isolate from soybean SUPRO 670, is able to provide full profile of all essential amino acids, non-essential amino acids and important conditionally-essential amino acids. SUPRO 670 is an isolated soy protein, highly digestible and an excellent source of protein. The essential amino acid pattern of SUPRO 670 meets or exceeds the "Amino Acid Requirement Patterns" for children and adults as published in the US Food and Nutrition Board's Recommended Dietary Allowances.

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