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The benefits of turmeric root comes from compounds called curcuminoids. The “free” ones that your body can use are hard to get, even from the best turmeric extracts. Our proprietary Curcumin Elite™ is formulated in a way that delivers 45.5 times more bioavailable free curcuminoids (and 270 times better absorption of total curcuminoids) than standard curcumin. Because better health benefits come from better bioavailability, Curcumin Elite™ provides more health benefits for your heart, mind, joints, immune system and beyond.

Benefits at a Glance:

  • Free curcuminoid compounds are what gives curcumin its widespread health benefits
  • Our formula offers over 45x more bioavailable free curcuminoids than standard curcumin
  • Provides 270 times better absorption of total curcuminoids than standard curcumin
  • Helps inhibit inflammatory factors to promote both joint & organ health
  • Provides cellular antioxidant protection and promotes cardiovascular health
  • Also supports brain, immune system & liver health

More facts about Curcumin Elite™ Turmeric Extract

Curcuminoids are the compounds in curcumin that help inhibit inflammation to support joint and vital organ health, promote healthy immune response, encourage heart health, and provide potent protection. But the total amount of free curcuminoids delivered by standard curcumin is low.

Life Extension has spent years searching for a superior, more available form of curcumin, one that delivers the maximum health benefits to our customers. To do this, we needed to find a technology that protects curcuminoids during digestion and deliver more free curcuminoids per dose.
Fenugreek helps defeat conjugation

Once in your body, curcuminoid compounds undergo conjugation, a normal chemical reaction where one compound attaches to another. This is problematic, because conjugated curcuminoids do not necessarily provide the same health benefits as non-conjugated ones.1,2

Curcumin Elite™ protects curcuminoids from conjugation by combining curcumin with galactomannans, a type of fiber derived from fenugreek seeds. Clinical and pre-clinical data shows that doing so produces 45.5 times more bioavailability and broader tissue distribution of free curcuminoids than unformulated curcumin.3,4

In a clinical study, more than 70 percent of total plasma curcuminoids were still in their free form five hours after ingestion.4 And that translates into more comprehensive whole-body health support from your curcumin supplement.

Superior curcumin, responsibly sourced

The total amount of free curcuminoids delivered by standard curcumin (such as the one in our previous formulation) is low. So we’ve made the switch to Curcumin Elite™ in order to provide our best possible curcumin supplement to our customers.

It is also worth noting that curcumin in Curcumin Elite™ is sourced from a multitude of responsible farming collectives in India. Curcumin Elite™ is then made via FenuMAT™, a patented, environmentally friendly water-based extraction technology—no solvents or chemicals—during which it is combined with fenugreek fiber.

Health benefits of curcumin

Inhibits inflammation—Curcumin extract inhibits inflammatory factors to promote joint and vital organ health.5,6 Curcumin also inhibits the metabolism of arachidonic acid, as well as the activities of cyclooxygenase, lipoxygenase and cytokines to promote a healthy inflammation response.7-9

Brain and immune system health—Curcumin extract inhibits inflammatory factors in the body to promote immune system health.10-12 Curcumin can also benefit your mind: studies suggest that curcumin supports healthy brain function and offers neuro-protective benefits.7,13-15

Digestive, joint and pancreatic health—Evidence suggests that curcumin helps promote healthy bowel function and joint health.16-19 Curcumin also supports healthy pancreatic function by encouraging pancreatic islet health.7,20

Antioxidant support—Curcumin also provides cellular protection.21-23 Curcumin also supports healthy cholesterol levels already within normal range, inhibits inflammation to promote cardiovascular health and more.7,24

Supplement Facts


Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsule

Amount Per Serving
Curcumin Elite™ Proprietary CGM Blend 500 mg

providing 40% curcuminoids (200 mg) and 3% turmerones (15 mg) [from turmeric (rhizome)], 30% galactomannans (150 mg) [from fenugreek (seed)]


Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), vegetable stearate, silica.


Dosage and Use

  • Take one (1) capsule daily, with food, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner


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